Market Evaluation for Your Business

We provide accurate information and market analysis prior to your decision of entering a new market.

Markets Evaluation for Your Business Strategy

Evaluate & Define Your Markets and Incorporate Your Business Strategy

Do you need information on specific countries and markets? Would you like to know about the market positioning for your products to enter a new market? Are you looking for the right distributor for your high-quality food products? Do you need to know more about the trading and importing regulations for your products?

We are delighted to learn about your information, ideas and inquiries, and will provide prompt feedback as your initial evaluation for a project mandate. Obtaining and providing information, as well as giving you in-depth market analysis and professional consultancy services on specified topics are always our pleasure to work on.

  • In-depth analysis of a Country, Market, Competition, Product or Consumers.
  • Consultancy of a Strategy, Branding, Sales & Marketing Plan, Promotion & Advertisement and Market Investment, including listing fees.
  • A search of suitable distributors, agents or customers for matchmaking
  • Information supply about Retail Trade, Food Service or Food Industry
  • Clarification about the food and labeling regulations to meet local requirements for packaging or design
  • Application and communication with local authorities to obtain licenses and required certificates
  • Clarification regarding Halal, Organic or specific requirements for import, sales or production
  • Information supply for import regulations, including HS tariff codes, customs-duty fees, sales tax, non-tariff entry barriers etc.
  • Topics related to sourcing, such as food or packaging suppliers and Procurements, Supply chain, Logistic, Transportation, Labelling, Warehousing facilities etc.
  • Organize and supervise qualitative and quantitative consumer tests with 3rd party institutions.

Passion for FMCG

We love what we do

Highly motivated team, who focus on branding, marketing and distribution of food products in SE-Asia

Experienced professionals

To provide you the utmost on quality and safety

  • International experienced team with more than 20 Years of experience in marketing food products/brands across the world.
  • Multicultural experts with strong skills in sales & marketing (German, Swiss, Chinese, Indonesian)


To guarantee local understandings

  • All team members are living in Asia since many years
  • Knowledge of Asian culture and know in ‘doing business in Asia’

Large Network in food trade & industry

To connect with the right people

  • Excellent contacts to manufacturers, distributors, retail and food services
  • Understanding and implementing the traditional and digital distribution models
  • Proven network in Asia but as well to manufacturers, brand owners and retailers in Europe

Analytical and strategical competence

To position your brand and products perfectly

  • Profound educations (University / MBA) with strong skills in international marketing and sales
  • Large experience in export strategies and brand positioning’s of western food products in various countries/markets
  • Professional-level market research, as well as hands-on ‘store checks’ on spot
  • In depth analysis about Country, Market, Competition, Product or Consumer
  • Establish market entry strategy in respective countries and channels

On The Spot

Driving the business

  • Office in Malaysia, Switzerland and Logistic Platform in HKG, People in HKG, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • We personally handle and support your business activities
  • Application and communication with local authorities to obtain licences and required certificates

Committed to quality

Professionalism and passion grows our mutual business

Proven Track Record

  • Track record of successful business activities in Asia

We’re here to help you grow your brand in Southeast Asia